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With a staff of a highly professional dedicated to the field employees, situated at the top of the floor coating sector in Turkey ,confident of being part of a familyinnova polimer

With an entity that keeps a breast of the market development by continually monitoring the needs of installers and distributors and maintaing the on-going and close liason with manafacturers.

With 25 years of an entity that is both producing and selling at the same time in which it has widely become well known among other competing commercial institutions due to its exporting domestically and abroad ,Asian and European countries, in terms of product high quality ,the reason behind its being distinguished itself amongst the market domain.

With a team of highly updated chemists who follow up with the latest product modifications along with progressive evaluation at our well-equipped laboratories according to the international standards (ISO )

Innova Polymer Chemicals,the symbol of uniqueness on the domain,product inovation and top-notch seeker throught its depending on two principles:

Tradition of technology

As a leading chemical company in Turkey, Innova Polymers is eagerly committed to the development and research of innovative and profitable chemicals. This has been our tradition for more than one 25 years since the company was established. Standing on the solid foundation of a tradition of technology, we endeavor to create new and lasting technology to share with everyone throughout the world.

Partnership with people

Innova polymers, believes that respect for people is a key to lead us along a successful path as a company that strongly recognizes its economic and social responsibilities. The partnerships with our customers, shareholders, business partners, communities, and our employees are crucial to realizing our mission to contribute for the betterment of society.

Product Range

  • Parquet Chemicals Group
  • Water Proofing Systems
  • Industrial & Sport Flooring Systems
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