Shooting polygon area flooring application

INNOPUR SHIELDShooting polygon area flooring application


It is undeniable that top-class marksmen need top-class protection. For more than 10 years INNOVA POLYMER´s high-quality Innopur Safety Elements and Flooring have been providing optimal protection from ricochet, rebounds and bullet fragmentations. INNOVA POLYMER´s universal and complete solutions are available for all danger areas in shooting ranges, such as floors, walls, ceilings or bullet traps. Together with reliable partners INNOVA POLYMER will work out the perfect solution for your shooting range – individually tailored to the respective conditions.

Contact our friendly INNOVA POLYMER customer consultants to find out whether Innopur standard or customised products are most suitable for your particular shooting range. Innopur Safety Elements were especially developed for installation in shooting ranges for the police, hunters, armed forces, marksmen clubs, private shooting clubs and security services. The number of facilities equipped with Innopur Safety Elements speaks in INNOVA POLYMER’s favour. Whether for indoors or outdoors, whether on shooting ranges with one main shooting direction or in 180° shooting ranges – Innopur Safety Elements have been meeting the quality requirements placed on these products for over 10 years. The range of Innopur Safety Elements includes components for both indoor and outdoor applications: safety flooring, wall and ceiling covering, shooting blocks, fragmentation rubber sheets and custom-built components.

The Benefits

  • Reliable protection from ricochet and bullet fragments
  • Offers protection even under unfavourable angles of impact
  • Absorbs projectiles and calibres up to 7,000 joules
  • Elastic material means no visible bullet holes
  • High resistance to wear even under intensive use
  • Longest service life in comparison with other currently used materials
  • Different surface colours (flooring)
  • Suitable for outdoor applications
  • Sound-absorbent
  • Slip-resistant
  • Safety flooring
  • Can be wet cleaned
  • Ongoing quality monitoring during production and installation
  • Weather and UV resistance

Continuous customer support by INNOVA POLYMER’s

Special equipment available, depending on the nature of the shooting range and the type of ammunition used

Standard Dimensions

1,000 x 500 mm per tile or 500 x 500 mm per tile ( 43 mm)


Black base mat 43 mm, PUR layer 2 mm; other thicknesses on request

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